Grants & Loans: Improve the energy performance of your home

Receive a base bonus of €500 on your
thermodynamic boiler

When you install a thermodynamic boiler, in addition to the significant savings you will make, you are entitled to a “heat pump for domestic hot water” bonus. This aid starts at €500 and can increase depending on your household income. 

Receive a base bonus of €500 on your heat pump

Take advantage of a basic bonus of €500 for the installation of a heat pump. The “heat pump for heating” aid is granted according to your income category and can go up to €6,000. Discover all the details and conditions of the bonuses on

Benefit from a tax reduction for the installation of a charging point

It is possible to take advantage of a tax reduction (up to €1,500) for the installation of an electric charging station from September 1, 2021. Under certain conditions:

How to get the
Renopack loan at 0%?

To be able to benefit from the Renopack loan at 0%, there are conditions to be met:

Be the owner of a home located in Wallonia which was first occupied at least 15 years ago.Discover all the details of the loan on Benefit from Rénopack. To submit your request, register on , collect the necessary documents, your file is analyzed and once approved, you can start the work!

Get green credit!

A green credit is a loan granted for carrying out work or renovation aimed at improving the energy performance of your home.
There is the Rénopack loan and the green loan granted by its respective bank.

The green loan is a low-rate loan granted for carrying out work or renovations aimed at reducing its ecological footprint. The rate of this credit is set by the banks. Depending on the banks, this rate varies from 1.29 to 1.80% and is spread over a maximum period of 10 years.

This loan is granted for the installation of solar panels, a thermodynamic boiler, a heat pump and for a series of other green installations.

To obtain this loan, contact an advisor from your personal bank.

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