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The maintenance
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Maintaining solar panels needs professional involvement due to the complexity of the system. Usually, the owner has a cleaning and maintenance guide for every unit. Contractors follow these instructions and warnings from the manufacturer. For safety reasons, they turn off the power before cleaning.

Benefits of monthly maintenance

There are many benefits of solar panel cleaning. The first benefit is that it reduces the chances of damaging your systems. When being cleaned, the units require proper handling due to their sensitivity. A professional will ensure that there is minimal risk to the systems during the cleaning process. Next, while cleaning them, the professional technician provides you with complete information on the condition of your system. The specialist informs you if anything needs replacing or repairing. 

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Maintaining is best left to the experts. Climbing on the roof can be unsafe and dangerous because electric wires run over the roof and threaten your safety. Only professionals are efficient at climbing onto the roof, maintain the units, and climbing back down safely. Maintaining the system is as important as maintaining and servicing your car. The price is less than how much you would spend on replacement or repair if damaged.

Our technical advisors analyze your electricity consumption with you and draw up a tailor-made quote based on your specific needs.

We optimizes your photovoltaic installation according to the orientation of your roof in order to obtain the best possible production.

A professional company made up of internal teams at your service for the installation, commissioning and monitoring of your solar panel installation

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