Electric charging stations thanks to solar panels: a winning combo!

A home charging station connected
to your photovoltaic panels

Electric cars are the future but they are also already part of the present for those who believe in sustainable consumption. This is why CB Energy offers you the electric charging station to support you in your ecological transition.

For owners of electric vehicles, a charging station is a real daily advantage on various levels: reliability, safety and optimization of time.

More than a simple charging station, this solution is innovative and will allow you to increase your self-consumption rate.

Plug in, charge,

With Solaris solutions, start your day with charged batteries 

Here you can see our latest project

Customer's opinion

Je voulais juste vous faire part d'un petit mot et vous faire savoir que vous faites un très bon travail. Je suis heureux d'avoir décidé de travailler avec vous. C'est.

Joe Donald

"Experience at the top. Already recommended several times around me and unanimous opinions. Competent and professional staff. Neat installation. Everything was perfect from the installers. The installation was validated in.

Stefanie Rashford
Top Coach

we are very  satisfied with the company Solar Solutions. Good value for money..

Patric Stone

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